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Google Acquires 5% of AOL

Google just acquired a 5% stake in AOL for $1 Billion, shutting Microsoft out of the deal.” Under this new agreement, among many other things, Google Talk will now interface with AOLs instant messenger according to the announcement on Google’s site. From the announcement: Google Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt said AOL is one of Googles longest-standing partners, and we are thrilled to strengthen and expand our relationship. Today’s agreement leverages technologies from both companies to connect Google users worldwide to a wealth of new content.

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Google about the AOL announcement

Googleblog writes

The recent announcement of the AOL partnership has been the source of a lot of rumors and misconceptions. We’d like to clear some of those up.

– Biased results? No way. Providing great search is the core of what we do. Business partnerships will never compromise the integrity or objectivity of our search results. If a partner’s page ranks high, it’s because they have a good answer to your search, not because of their business relationship with us.

– Indexing more of AOL’s content. Our goal is to organize all of the world’s information. When we say “all the world’s information,” this includes AOL’s. We’re going to work with the webmasters at AOL — just as we work with webmasters all over the world — to help them understand how the Google crawler works (with regard to robots.txt, how to use redirects, non-html content, etc.) so we don’t inadvertently overlook their content.

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Microsoft and Google Reach Settlement Over Employee

Microsoft Corperation and Google have reached a settlement in their legal battle over former Microsoft employee and now current Google employee Kai-Fu Lee.

In a statement made by Microsoft and confirmed by Google the three parties had entered into a private agreement that resolves all issues to their mutual satisfaction.

Google released a statement from Lee saying he was pleased with the terms of the settlement agreement, according to the Associated Press.

Details of the settlement were not disclosed publicy!

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Creator of World Wide Web Starts Blog

World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee has started a blog just in time for the 15th anniversary of his invention.Tim berners first remarks on how the Web took off as a publishing medium rather than one in which visitors not only read but also contributed information.

Berners-Lee first proposed the Web in 1989 while developing ways to control computers remotely at CERN, the Geneva-based European Organization for Nuclear Research. He never got the project formally approved, but quietly tinkered with it anyway, making the first browser available at CERN by Christmas Day 1990

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New WordPress 2.0 bloggin software

This is the first post in my new wordpress blog, using the just released wordpress 2.0.

The installation was a breeze for me really, but I did find some quirks with the online documentation – somehting about an old server and looking for info on importing my old movable type has proven a bit of a challenge. As of right now I think I’m just going to hold of on the import of my older posts, and hope that when folks get back after the holidays to a mess of support requests, that many questions will be answerd, and I can get my older posts back, and into the new wordpress..


So far I haven’t used every feature, but the post writer looks better, and seems to be faster than what I had expereinced with wordpress 1.5. I have not yet had a chance to see which plug ins are working with the new 2.0 yet, but I did find a post at Global Advanced Media about using wordpress as a content management system, which made me jump right into downloading the new WP 2.0 so I can give a try.. I have always wanted to use something like wordpress to create my entire web presence here, and if I can set a static page the way I want with these tricks posted by, then it will be great… If not I will hope that the old kiwi theme plug in available for wp 2.0 so I can give that a whirl.


Well I’m off to play with some more features…





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