New WordPress 2.0 bloggin software

This is the first post in my new wordpress blog, using the just released wordpress 2.0.

The installation was a breeze for me really, but I did find some quirks with the online documentation – somehting about an old server and looking for info on importing my old movable type has proven a bit of a challenge. As of right now I think I’m just going to hold of on the import of my older posts, and hope that when folks get back after the holidays to a mess of support requests, that many questions will be answerd, and I can get my older posts back, and into the new wordpress..


So far I haven’t used every feature, but the post writer looks better, and seems to be faster than what I had expereinced with wordpress 1.5. I have not yet had a chance to see which plug ins are working with the new 2.0 yet, but I did find a post at Global Advanced Media about using wordpress as a content management system, which made me jump right into downloading the new WP 2.0 so I can give a try.. I have always wanted to use something like wordpress to create my entire web presence here, and if I can set a static page the way I want with these tricks posted by, then it will be great… If not I will hope that the old kiwi theme plug in available for wp 2.0 so I can give that a whirl.


Well I’m off to play with some more features…





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