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AJAX, Accessibility & Screen Readers

AJAX, Accessibility & Screen Readers

There’s something of an oxymoron going on there in the heading. Can you spot it? The words ‘accessibility’ and ‘AJAX’. They really are not the best of bed fellows, as many people have discovered. However, although many of us web professionals just ‘kinda know’ that AJAX is bad for web accessibility, when pushed many would not be able to say exactly why or how certain screen readers cope with content that’s been changed using AJAX (or using DOM Scripting methods that don’t make use of AJAX at all). One man who can claim to know a bit about it is James Edwards

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W3C China Office opens in Beijing

W3C China Office opens in Beijing

BEIJING, May 4 (Xinhua) — The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has launched its China Office in Beijing for the purpose of inviting experts in China to join the international project of developing Web standards at W3C.

    The office is based at the School of Computer Science and Engineering of the Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, where an opening ceremony for the China Office was held on April 27-28.

    By opening its China Office in Beijing, W3C actively encourages the Chinese industrial and academic communities in the development of Web standards, W3C announced at its website.

    The W3C China Office is also expected to offer support to innovations of Chinese IT enterprises and internationalization of home-developed IT technologies, said Hu Jinpeng, vice-president ofthe Beijing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, who is also manager of the W3C China Office

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Google Blogs Headlines

Conference on automated testing

Those who follow the world of automated testing may be interested in the call for papers for our upcoming conference on the subject.

Word Verification For All

One of our most effective tools for preventing spam and automated abuse of Blogger is our word verification image.

Call for taxonomy leaders

A unique feature of Google Base is the ability to create custom attributes and item types. This gives you an opportunity to include relevant information, no matter how obscure, detailed or specialized it is, about the content you want to share.

May we suggest?

When we first launched the Google Talk blog, Mike, the product manager, had encouraged the support team to contribute posts as well.

What’s your vote?

Calling all football fans, from last weekend’s NFL draft, who do you think is the best player from the Top 5? Scroll down to Vote!

Beta believe it

If you’ve been hesitant to use Google Desktop 3 in your native language because of its “Beta” status, your wait is over.

A look inside Google AdSense

We’re happy to announce that, in addition to AdSense, AdWords, and Firefox with Google Toolbar, you can now refer your users to Google Pack and Picasa.

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Fight for future

The battle between Microsoft and Google to control the cyberspace has begun in earnest. The software giant has sent the message loud and clear that it will fight back the challenge mounted by Google, which was initially ignored as an ambitious upstart.

After all, Microsoft has successfully fought off similar challenges to its supremacy by Apple, IBM, Netscape Navigator, Yahoo and others. With its monopoly of the software market — most personal computers today are run and controlled by the Windows operating system of Microsoft — it has easily driven away all possible competition.

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MSN launches standards-compliant redesign

MSN launches standards-compliant redesign

MSn launched a new homepage today that boasts a completely CSS-based layout, accessibility features, stripped-down markup that’s friendly to mobile devices, a theme switcher, and a total of only 2 validation errors. With this launch, MSN joins a host of other major commercial sites that have embraced web standards, including Yahoo, AOL, ABC News, Wired and ESPN, to name a few.

It is about time I was wondering what month they were going to get onboard I also wonder just how many of there sites are webstandards complaint I will have to do some research into there sites.

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