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Future plans

Met up with Ashley to talk about our future projects ad a great time riding around Nashville with my new work force. Exploring the new city was almost as fun as exploring or new ideas and sudden rise to the top of fame in our little world.Should be an interesting year full of new things to come our first pet project already unleashed on the internet worpal is sure to be a big hit for those wanting a wordpress or drupal blog for free online.We are also making a delicious clone and some other clones we found from Source Forge in order to expand our web presence. Also are launching several directories my favorite the Open Tag Directory allows internet users to tag websites.

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Calling all Assistive Technology vendors

Calling all Assistive Technology vendors

WaSP issues an open invitation to work with Assistive Technology vendors to help ensure greater support for standards-based web development techniques in software that enables access for millions of people worldwide.

When the Accessibility Task Force (ATF) was formed, we received feedback from designers and developers about their desire for better standards support in assistive technology.

Today, we announce the launch of the ATF’s Assistive Technology Initiative. We are issuing an open offer to assistive technology vendors to work with WaSP (and other groups where appropriate) to help ensure that assistive technology can benefit from a web standards-based approach to web development, design and programming.

By working together:

  • we will provide resources to examine and address perceived shortfalls in current assistive technology
  • we will help with developing test suites for use in assessing/addressing these issues
  • we will share our knowledge and expertise and help AT vendors share their extensive knowledge of their users with web developers and designers around the world

Web standards have always aimed to make the web a better place for all people, regardless of ability, and we hope that our collective efforts will help fulfill that promise.

We have begun the process of delivering this open invitation to Assisitive Technology vendors at conferences, trade shows, and industry exhibits, and will continue to invite those involved in building AT software and hardware to collaborate.

To work with them contact them:

An excellent way to get your foot in the door I may try out by sending in my resume and you should to if your into standards.

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