Feeling validated

Feeling validated

“If you can contribute to the ongoing improvement of the validator, you’ll be in good company. Sir Tim Berners-Lee recently said:

The validator I think is a really valuable tool both for users and in helping standards deployment. I’d like it to check (even) more stuff, be (even) more helpful, and prioritize carefully its errors, warning and mild chidings. I’d like it to link to an explanations of why things should be a certain way.

The W3C validator is already a great tool. With the help of developers like you, it can become even greater. ”

Would love to be in good with the Man the invented the internet going to have to give some time to improving this tool any thoughts from anyone would be great but I would like it to fix what ever is not valid so you could copy paste the valid code so publishers authoring tools could publish it.in Dreamweaver for example.

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