A cool Dentist in Nashville

This really nice Dentist in Nashville helped my friend Ashley with a bad tooth and did so on his own time and for barely anything just what it cost him in product which was another peice of tooth for the girl. I veĀ heard aboutĀ alot of great people in my time but when I heard this story I had to get in on telling the world what a great guy this Dr. Vaughan is. I know if I ever needed a Dentist in Nashville Tennessee then I will no doubt be giving him a call. I never really liked going to the Dentist I mean the whole drilling sound and all that freaks me out but I think I could handle an hour or two in this guys chair no problem. Keep on rocking on Dr. Michael Vaughan I am sure one day the whole world will notice just how much of a great person you are.

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  1. Selena said,

    January 3, 2007 @ 12:52 am

    Seems like this Dr Vaughan is an alright guy for doing what he did for your frinds. I ve been needing a cleaning for awhile now and after reading your article I am going to give him a try since my last Dentist I went to Nashville messed up three times while fixing my cavitiy and it cost me my whole tooth.Thanks for the great find Britney

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