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Gizmodo Mobile

Was reading my favorite technology blog when i noticed they asked what was wrong with thier website. Well after grabbing my cell phone and logging on to the the internet via my Motarola razor I could not find a thing wrong with it other than it is on a 3 inch screen which hopefully for us all the next generation of mobile devices will be able to project a screen as big as a monitor surfing the mobile web so it will not be so hard on the eyes for us baby boomers out there. But if anyone else out there is surfing the web via a mobile device consider stopping by the Gizmodo web site to see if there are problems viewing it, and if so let the great folks over at Gizmodo know about.

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  1. Alice Pretchet » Gizmodo Mobile said,

    January 3, 2007 @ 3:37 am

    […] Gizmodo Mobile is now up and running reports Britney Simpson who wrote a post in her blog about Gizmodo has gone Mobile and is asking anyone out there with a mobile device to view the web site and see if there are any problems viewing it with that device or browser.Gizmodo is a technology weblog dedicated to everything related to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics. At Gizmodo you can check out the latest news, reviews and recommendations for products including laptops, cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, home entertainment and more.And for all you Gadget makers out there you can send in your Gadgets to the address below to have it possibly reviewed on thier website. […]

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