HBO Widget

Well it seems every company is trying to provide new ways for consumers to view it’s content and now HBO besdies already having a mobile site now has a widget aynone can get to view upcominf shows and other information. Well after downloading it and giving it a whirl it seems to work really well and was glad they came out with it although my favorite is channel is Sho Time because of the two shows Weeds and Dexter and for those of you who have not seen either you need to sit down in front of the tube and veg for a couple days but dotn worry if you can not do it now Dexters next season does not come out till the end of this year and Weeds the third season will be around the same time. Probably for sweeps weeks but anyways lets hope Shot Time gets a widget up and running so I can download and try it out and may just put it on my blog.

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