Heard off the wire today about a new venture called iGoogle which will allow users to share their own writings, photos, lists and other creative efforts, as well as to give consumers personalized views of the Web through use of their geographical location and search history. This week, iGoogle personalized Web search will be available in 40 countries and 26 languages, up from 22 nations and 15 languages where personalization is now offered. Thought this was a great idea by Google just think they may be trying to ride the I name like Applies iPhone and iPod makes me wonder is Apple and Google are going to announce a partnership of some kind.

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  1. Wayne Smallman said,

    May 2, 2007 @ 5:54 am

    For me, the change of name is a little old-fashioned (the ‘i’ thing is fading fast) and the update is almost entirely cosmetic.

    I think Netvibes can rest easy for now…

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