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Girls night out

Well tonight is girls night out. I am stoked. We are going to the Lava Room to dance the night away. This is our favorite spot to party and hang out. It’s not a mainstream night club with too many people in it and we know everyone who hangs out there. They have everything too. If we want to play pool we can, because they have a room with about twenty pool tables in it. I like to play pool a lot. I grew up playing on my dad pool table at home and learned really well from him and my brother as well as his friends.

Anyway, tonight is going to be a lot of fun since my girl Kandy is finally going to be able to go too. She had gotten married and then had a baby, so has been a house mouse for a couple of years. I don’t blame her, but I am very happy she will be there to hang with us. I really have missed her. My boyfriend wants to meet us there later on after his guys night out, but we shall see. I am not sure I want to. It’s all about the girls tonight.

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Valentines Day

I went out on a date on Valentines day with this guy I have been seeing. I haven’t been really sure exactly where this relationship was going until now. We went to my favorite restaurant, the Koi Japanese/ Chinese Buffet. While it may not be the most romantic place in the world, it is my favorite and I was happy he brought us there for dinner. As we ate dinner he began to talk about where our relationship was going and did we want to take it to the next step.¬†Exclusivity. Like I said before I wasn’t sure where we were going with it until he said he wanted to see just me.

I kind of like a guy who is not afraid to commit and I have been trying to not get too attached to him until now. So, sitting in my favorite place to eat, I was able to let go and not hold back any longer. I really hope this works out, because he is a really great guy. He is successful, intelligent and caring. What more can a girl ask for? Apparently not much, because I am happy as a lark. I can’t wait to tell my girls and my mom about my date.

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