Lizzie Borden

I love the news. They write some of the most stupid fucking articles. Okay, so Lizzie Borden’s attorney wrote some journals and his grandson brought them forth to be read as well as letters from Lizzie while she was in Jail awaiting trial. A trial she was¬†acquitted¬†at. She did not kill her father and step mother as people believe. However, the news is writing stories for people to read without any information at all. Why make me listen or read a story with not actual information? Are the reporters that bored and stupid they cannot come up with something to actually write about in its entirety?

I really hate that shit when they waste my time with a story that has no visible ending. It is amazingly annoying to me. If I was a reporter, I wouldn’t be writing crap that has no fact or information to actually give to people. There is so much going on in the world to write about and I am sure I could come up with something better than that crap. Yes Lizzie is interesting, but kindly wait before you write the story, until you have actual information to give me. Stupid fucktards.

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