One Sale a Day

I love this website. They always have the neatest fucking shit. There are different categories, like home, family, jewelry, watches etc. Plus, they have flash sales that last one day and usually have a lot of electronics on it. Every so often they have free give away’s as well. I have bought numerous items for myself and for friends birthdays and Christmas presents from this site, some of them only a few dollars for the product. I got this awesome set of Ed Hardy jewelry, a necklace and ear rings for only 3 dollars. That was amazing. Of course, I had to pay shipping but it wasn’t that much and still was worth the purchase.

I just love shopping. Whether it is online or at the mall, I am the typical girl who loves to shop till I drop. I don’t even have to buy anything to enjoy myself. I can look to my hearts content and try stuff on and be totally happy. I know that sounds corny, but it is true and I am not embarrassed by it. I love being a girl and doing these things. I love girl clothes and how they make me feel. We should all be so fucking lucky.

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