Over board

A father beats up a basketball coach for making his daughter and another team mate run laps for arguing during practice. This  is a testament to the society we live in today. When I was a kid and got into trouble at school, my parents punished me after I was punished at the school. Now the parents attack the schools and the teachers instead of fucking parenting their children . WTF is that shit? Then they wonder why kids are such assholes now a days. Really? How can they wonder when they refuse to make their children take responsibility for their shitty behavior?

I cannot understand people today and I am glad that I do not have kids right now. I would not want to be a parent trying to raise a child in this liberal atmosphere, where responsible parenting is made so very difficult or non existent. I can only shake my head and hope that our society comes to it’s senses before this country is totally ruined. Western society has changed for the worse and in some ways makes me understand, just a little bit, why so many countries around the world hate us. I pray that these kids will see where their parents went wrong when they grow older and have kids of their own.

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