No Cell Phones in the Bathroom

Did you know that the number one reason people call about needing their cell phones repaired or replaced is because they dropped their cell phone in the toilet? That is the number one reason! Is that not crazy to you? Why do people take their fucking cell phone into the bathroom with them in the first place?

Here’s a clue, people. Leave the cell phone on the table or the desk in the other room while you go do your business in the bathroom. you do not need your phone while you are using the toilet. Trust me on this. just leave the cell phone in the other room and don’t take it in the bathroom with you. The world will not end if you miss a call while you are taking a crap. To be honest, if you are taking a crap I don’t want to be talking to you right then. I can wait until you wipe your ass and wash your hands. Seriously.

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