Paper Products

My girl, Angela, has been on food stamps for almost a year now because she can’t find a fucking job. Why is it so hard to get a job and childcare that can be scheduled to work out for single moms? Employers have to realize that some people have to drop off kids at day care and pick them up at certain times. and other moms have to make sure their kid gets on the school bus and has someplace to go after school. If you are making up a work schedule, how hard is it to consider that your start time doesn’t work out for most people? Would it kill you to change the shift start times by an hour and open up that position to other qualified people who need a job?

So with the food stamps thing my g/f can’t buy paper products at the grocery store. So, if you have no job and no money and you need toilet paper, what the fuck are you supposed to do? they haven’t published a Sears catalog for a long damn time now, so its not like the old days of taking a couple of catalog pages with you to the outhouse. Come on, people. Get some sense about what food stamps will pay for and give people the right help until they can get on their feet.

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