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Popcorn Cravings

What is it about popcorn that gets my mouth watering? I love the smell of popcorn, but it doesn’t even take the smell of popping corn to give me the cravings for it.

There is something about going to the movie theater and getting popcorn that is like a must have pairing. Its like soup and sandwich. Like ying and yang. Like hat and gloves. You go to the movie theater and you must buy some popcorn while you watch the movie. Its that simple.

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Happy Birthday Nanna

Today would have been my Nanna’s birthday. She would have been 80 years old, which is pretty old for anyone actually.

I know some people call their grandmother other nicnames or pet names. My grandmother was always Nanna to me. I don’t know who decided to call her that.

She was a sweet lady with grey hair and she always smelled delicious. Her cologne was her trademark and she put it on every morning, even when she was not planning on leaving the house to go out. She liked her special fragrance and so did everyone around her.

Miss you, Nanna. I’m going to ear some cologne today just because I love you.

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Awards Shows are Boring

Does it seem like every couple of weeks there is another fucking awards show on TV? I mean, come on! How many awards shows do we really  need? There are shows for movies, for music, for Broadway, for TV and even for fucking commercials now. Enough with the boring ass awards shows!

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