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Facebook Is Crazy

Facebook was such a hot item a couple years ago.I remember how excited everyone was to have an alternative to MySpace. I was never really into MySpace, but the Facebook thing was really different and it was exciting looking up all my friends.

But then they started changing everything. I think the strangest thing is they decided to convert everyone by force into using a new format called Timeline. I don’t really see why they didn’t just DO IT and shut everyone the fuck up about it. They dragged this timeline conversion bullshit out for over 6 months. Get over it already!

Too bad Google is trying to rip them off. No one wants to maintain an account at Facebook and also at Google. If they had come up with something really special and different, I could see people embracing the new concept. But everyone knows its just a rip off and why change when all your friends are already on Facebook and Google Plus is dead?

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