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Going Fishing in the Morning

This has been a crazy day and I am so fucking burned out that I am going to take off from work tomorrow and just go fishing. I am so tired of all the problems with the customers who are never happy and do nothing but complain and insult me. I can’t bear the thought of answering the phone at all tomorrow. I’m so done with this crap.

I have built up a lot of personal leave from work, so I don’t feel bad calling out tomorrow. I am calling it my day to recharge the emotional batteries that are drained so dry from all the bitching and threats that these people did today when the problem isn’t even my fault and all I am trying to do is help the ungrateful motherfuckers.

See what I mean? I need an attitude adjustment and the best way I can think of to make that happen is to call out in the morning and just go to the Lake and catch some fish. A couple of hours of staring out at the water and sitting on the lake shore is my salvation.

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