Fast Sushi

The Kroger near my house has done a huge expansion and they totally remodeled the store. It took the fuckers almost a year to do the whole thing. I guess it took longer because they had to keep the store open and work in shifts and accommodate the shoppers. There are safety issues with construction going on while shoppers are in the store. And there are security problems, too. We never used to have a security guard at this shopping center, but now they have one at each door. I asked one of them if that store was having problems with getting robbed or something? The guard said that the construction workers had been stealing stuff from the store and they had to put the guards there to stop the stealing. I was shocked.

Anyway, they finally finished all the construction work and they had a grand opening. When I went in, it was nice nice to see everything so clean and new. And they have a huge new deli area. Its like a mini cafeteria and salad bar in there. And they have a sushi bar! So they keep a variety of popular sushi trays in the cold case and you can take it home with you for fresh sushi at home for under ten bucks! That’s a great deal and I bought one last night so I can take sushi to work with me for lunch today.

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