Free Concerts on Thursdays

Seems like the local independent radio station has stepped up to the plate and is sponsoring free concerts every Thursday night in September. These are not cheesy local bands and high school garage bands. They are national acts that are coming for a free 2 hour concert, at the invitation of the radio station that actually plays their music.

I like the idea of a concert on Thursdays. It is so much better to have something nice to do on a Thursday night that is entertaining but does not keep you up really late and there is no hangover the next morning, either. Sure, you can buy a beer from a street vendor, but it’s not like going out to the clubs and getting drunk. It’s more about hearing good music and being outside and enjoying downtown.

Its too bad that the local independent radio station is the only one who ever does anything like these free concerts for the community. The big network radio stations are such greedy motherfuckers that I never see them sponsoring anything good. It’s all about profit to these fuckers and what can they take – not what they can give. I hate commercial network radio. Their music sucks, there’s no good DJs anymore, and they don’t take requests from listeners. They suck.

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