Summers Gone – Kinda

So here we have September and we have Labor Day. This is supposed to mean the end of summer. You know, the nights get chilly, the mornings have dew and fog, the pools all close for the year. I hate the way school starts and within a couple of days the mornings get this odd chill in the air. Which especially sucks if you have to wait at the end of the road for a fucking school bus to come around. It’s so chilly that you need a jacket and your fingers and toes get cold anyway. And then when you get on the buy, your fucking nose starts running and you never have a tissue handy. Can we say flashback to the misery of childhood? LOL

So I will continue to milk as much summer as I can out of this year and I defy summer to be over. I intend to go the lake every weekend and keep working on my tan and I will go fishing as much as possible. I will wear shorts and flip flops until my toes turn numb from the cold and I am forced to wear socks. I do not want summer to end!

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