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Ruined My Fucking Load of Laundry

So my roommate was doing some laundry and she fucked up an entire load of my clothes! Can you believe this shit? What an idiot!

I had  just run a load of dark clothes, including to two favorite pairs of black pants and a pair of designer sweats in the washing machine. I got busy and wasn’t too worried about getting themout of the washing machine and into the dryer – I was going to get around to it. But it wasn’t fast enough for my roommate. I didn’t even know that she wanted to do any laundry.

So, she went in and poured bleach into the washer so she could run a load of white things. The problem is, that she loaded the bleach in there before opening the door and seeing that my clothes were still sitting in there and that the fucking bleach was pouring out onto my dark clothes. So everything I had washed ended up getting bleach on them. She says it was an accident.

Its all ruined! I’m so pissed! She says she will take me shopping and replace it all. That’s a joke! We both know she has no damn money to be buying me new clothes. And some of that stuff can’t be replaced. FML!

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No Need to be Disagreeable

So I wrote a comment on Facebook last night. It was about politics, so I won’t bore you with the details. But I had a comment that I wanted to share with the people in that discussion and most of them are not people that I even know.

So about an hour after I made my comment, I got a private message from someone. Some asshat guy who decided that my comment to the Facebook friend that made the post needed to be argued with in a private message. That just struck me the wrong way. I mean, he could have made his asinine comments on the original Facebook status with everyone else. But, no. He had to write this long nasty note to me and send it to my private FB email.

So I wrote him back and said, I don’t know you and I’m not in the mood for your bullshit.

So then he writes back and says, well you were wrong and I have the right to correct you with facts, and there is no need for you to be disagreeable with me. So, I’m like, WTF? I wasn’t trying to make an argument and I was just expressing my opinion on the subject. I am entitled to my fucking opinion and don’t need some guy throwing facts in my face trying to start an argument with me.

I wrote back one last time and said I don’t know you and you can stuff your facts up your ass – leave me alone. Then I clicked on his name and went to his profile and blocked his ass.

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