Breakfast for Dinner

I’m hungry but nothing sounds good. I almost never eat breakfast, so tonight I got the bright idea to cook breakfast for dinner. I went all out with bacon, pancakes, warm syrup, scrambled eggs and hash browns.

One thing that I have never really mastered in the kitchen is properly cooked hashbrowns. I keep trying but they never seem to turnout like the hashbrowns that they serve at Waffle House. Maybe its because they cook everything on a flat top grill and its seasoned better than my cast iron frying pan. I use the same frozen, shredded potatoes that Waffle House uses, but their always stick together and brown evenly. Mine tend to fall apart when I try to flip them over with my spatula. So frustrating!

However, I do kick ass when it comes to pancakes. I use my mom’s recipe for pancakes and they always turn out light and fluffy and perfect! I like small pancakes – not the tiny silver dollar size, but smaller than a salad plate. I know some people like big ones that take up the entire dinner plate. But I would rather have a small stack of pancakes with butter and syrup tucked in between each layer.

My scrambled eggs are a nice finish. Sometimes I like fried eggs, but most of the time I like to scramble them so there is nothing runny. Sometimes I add some shredded cheese, and if I have any, a spoonful of salsa.

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