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Home from the Holidays, Safe and Sound

Finally got home this morning. I drove all night. As much as I love my family, three days of holidays and dinners and exchanging gifts at my mother’s house was plenty of family togetherness for me. But I’m glad I made the trip.

My mom went all out to entertain everyone, but this year my two sisters and I pitched in a lot to keep the kitchen running. I took mom to the grocery store for the last few things and she told me how tired she was. So the three of us took over the kitchen and had mom get off her feet as much as possible. After all, we knew how to cook everything – mom taught us all how to cook!

Almost everyone was on their best behavior. But I swear, you cannot get this many people together in one house without someone getting mad over something. This year it was my brother’s wife who turned out to be the bitch. She is a little bit of a dingbat anyway, but something my mom said must have insulted her – unintentionally – and she went stomping out the door. We were all surprised, as no one heard anything said out of the way. But whatever it was, my brother got the bitch calmed down and they stayed outside for about 20 minutes “to smoke.” When it was time to eat, they came back in and acted like everything was fine, although she sat at the far end of the table away from mom and when they left she barely said thank you before rushing out of the door.

All in all, I’d call it a success. And I’m home again, safe and sound.



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Trying to Learn About Plugins

I’ve used WordPress for my blog ever since I decided to write online. I love the software and it is free. This is one of the best bargains in the world except for maybe the air we breathe. I mean, there’s hundreds of thousands of man-hours put into this software and they never charge any money for it. I don’t see how these guys can make a living and pay their damn bills!

Some of the things that I want to do with this blog are not working out right, so I started asking some tech friends if there is anything I can do. Of course there is! I can use plugins to do almost all of the extra things that I want WordPress to do for my blog. I just have to read up on plugins a little and try out a couple of them.

If you have any favorite plugins, leave me a comment and share the name of it with me. The only one that I know is Akismet, which came with WordPress for free and it blocks spam. I love Akismet – it works great and saves me from the aggravation of deleting doznes of spam comments every day.


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Just Not in the Mood for Housework

My house is so messy I really need to spend a day doing a major de-cluttering and deep cleaning, but I’m just not in the mood for housework lately. It seems like when the sun goes down before 5:00 in the winter time that I get bummed out and just want to cocoon. I’m just not productive after dark in the winter time.

Maybe I should dedicate 2 or 3 hours of a Sunday morning to the cleaning. most weekends I am out late on Saturday night and I need Sunday morning for sleeping in and getting my rest. I feel like I actually recharge my body’s energy batteries by sleeping late on Sundays. But I have to carve out some time for housework someplace and it looks like Sunday morning is the most likely target.

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