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How Often Do You Repaint Rooms?

I’ve lived in this apartment for 4 years now and the paint is starting to look pretty shabby. So, I’m starting to think about repainting a couple of the rooms and decorating them. I asked the apartment manager if I could paint and she said it would be fine with her.

I really want to paint my bedroom, because it is just white and I don’t find white to be restful or peaceful at all. I want a soothing green or light tan, which will give me a good reason to go buy all new sheets and a quilt. I should throw in a few new pillows, too. Then I can buy new things for the bathroom and have a nicely decorated master suite.

I have only painted rooms in a house a few times, and never my own. The apartment was freshly painted white in every room when I moved in, but I’m sick of looking at plain old white. I want some color in my life and I want the chips and holes repaired, too. It can’t be that hard to paint a room. I have met some painters and I swear if those guys can paint a room, then I should be able to ace that shit.

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