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Home Safety Concerns

One of my neighbors is an older widowed lady. She just called me, upset that someone backed into her driveway and then came knocking on her door. She was afraid to answer the door, as she did not know this man and was not expecting anyone today. She watched from a window and stayed quiet and eventually he left.

No one in my neighborhood opens their door to strangers anymore. It just is not safe and it is not acceptable social standards. If you are going onto a person’s property in today’s world, you should have an invitation to do so and the property owner should know in advance that you are coming. That is just the way it is now.

It is bothersome to me that the man backed into her driveway. That usually indicates a desire to leave quickly. I suspect he was up to no good and she was right to be concerned. I hope he doesn’t come back. I told her to stay vigilant and that I would also be on the lookout for the white, late model Chevy pickup truck.

Perhaps installing a motion activated camera at the front door might be wise. They don’t cost much anymore. A couple years ago I had to put in cameras; they all show on a monitor in the living room and record for 48 hours. I don’t pay a monitoring fee to a security company. My son installed the cameras in 10 minutes and they even work well at night. Just a thought – especially with all the problems with porch pirates stealing packages off the porch now. One camera at the door might bring┬ápeace of mind to her and anyone else concerned about home breakins and porch pirates.

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