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Trying to Learn About Plugins

I’ve used WordPress for my blog ever since I decided to write online. I love the software and it is free. This is one of the best bargains in the world except for maybe the air we breathe. I mean, there’s hundreds of thousands of man-hours put into this software and they never charge any money for it. I don’t see how these guys can make a living and pay their damn bills!

Some of the things that I want to do with this blog are not working out right, so I started asking some tech friends if there is anything I can do. Of course there is! I can use plugins to do almost all of the extra things that I want WordPress to do for my blog. I just have to read up on plugins a little and try out a couple of them.

If you have any favorite plugins, leave me a comment and share the name of it with me. The only one that I know is Akismet, which came with WordPress for free and it blocks spam. I love Akismet – it works great and saves me from the aggravation of deleting doznes of spam comments every day.


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No Need to be Disagreeable

So I wrote a comment on Facebook last night. It was about politics, so I won’t bore you with the details. But I had a comment that I wanted to share with the people in that discussion and most of them are not people that I even know.

So about an hour after I made my comment, I got a private message from someone. Some asshat guy who decided that my comment to the Facebook friend that made the post needed to be argued with in a private message. That just struck me the wrong way. I mean, he could have made his asinine comments on the original Facebook status with everyone else. But, no. He had to write this long nasty note to me and send it to my private FB email.

So I wrote him back and said, I don’t know you and I’m not in the mood for your bullshit.

So then he writes back and says, well you were wrong and I have the right to correct you with facts, and there is no need for you to be disagreeable with me. So, I’m like, WTF? I wasn’t trying to make an argument and I was just expressing my opinion on the subject. I am entitled to my fucking opinion and don’t need some guy throwing facts in my face trying to start an argument with me.

I wrote back one last time and said I don’t know you and you can stuff your facts up your ass – leave me alone. Then I clicked on his name and went to his profile and blocked his ass.

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Facebook Is Crazy

Facebook was such a hot item a couple years ago.I remember how excited everyone was to have an alternative to MySpace. I was never really into MySpace, but the Facebook thing was really different and it was exciting looking up all my friends.

But then they started changing everything. I think the strangest thing is they decided to convert everyone by force into using a new format called Timeline. I don’t really see why they didn’t just DO IT and shut everyone the fuck up about it. They dragged this timeline conversion bullshit out for over 6 months. Get over it already!

Too bad Google is trying to rip them off. No one wants to maintain an account at Facebook and also at Google. If they had come up with something really special and different, I could see people embracing the new concept. But everyone knows its just a rip off and why change when all your friends are already on Facebook and Google Plus is dead?

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Blockbuster and Blu-ray

I heard from a commenter recently that BlockBuster Entertainment is only going to carry Blu-ray discs for now on and no HD DVD discs at all. And I think this is great but not an end to HD DVDs by far in fact for awhile now everyone thought BlockBuster was going to tumble because of online video downloads and DVD burners. I think in no way does this move kill off HD DVD infact it only hurts BlockBuster more by not carrying this type of disc format. And I would not be surprised if Sony did not invest heavily in BlockBuster in the recent months to help them come to this decision. I personally have asked BlockBuster where the HD DVD titles are and I know several people while I was there was asking the same thing, so BlockBuster is not doing what it said it was doing for the move to only Blu-ray and that is listening to its customers.

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Evolution of covergirl photoshoped for beauty

Evolution of covergirl photoshop beauty

Tammy writes in a post

“I watched this great one minute video clip showing all of the work that goes into taking an average plain looking girl off the street and transforming her with makeup, lighting, and photo shop airbrushing to create a billboard cover girl. Once you see how they thin the face and jaws along with other tricks in photo shop, you will learn that you no longer have to compare yourself to the girls on the covers of Cosmo and such anymore, the real models themselves can’t even compete with that cover girl image, because it is fake.”

That is a really great video just goes to show you what a little editing can do to make something more beautiful then it really is.

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