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Extended Halloween This Year

Don’t you hate it when Halloween falls on a night in the middle of the week? I sure do – it screws up everyone’s parties and late nights, because we still have school and work the next morning after the holiday. Thanks to really bad weather, though, the kids around here got an extended Halloween this year.

While the grownups had last weekend to dress in costume and party their asses off for Halloween, the kids were supposed to do their trick or treating on Thursday night. But we had severe weather on Thursday, with the worst and most dangerous storms predicted for 6:00 pm until midnight. And, let me tell you, the storms were crazy bad. We had high winds – up to 50 mph. The wind was so strong it blew me backwards about 5 feet when I stepped around the corner of the house to take out the trash. It was bad in front of the house, but as soon as I stepped around the corner, I got the full blast and since I was turned half sideways and off balance, it blew my ass across the driveway and halfway to my neighbor’s fence!

So, most places canceled trick or treating for Thursday night and were telling everyone to stay the fuck home and be safe in case of tornadoes. A few old timers said the kids should go anyway and just suck it up and be tough. But that’s kinda stupid when it’s about having fun and there’s not damned law saying the holiday HAS to be on Thursday night. But some place did tell kids to go ahead and get it over with on Thursday. And a little boy was killed when a tree blew down onto a power line and the kid was electrocuted by the downed power line. So sad and so unnecessary.

So a lot of places had trick or treating on Friday night. AND some places said, fuck it, let’s just do it Saturday night. So, even with the bad weather, depending on where you lived and whether you were able to catch a ride, you had an extended Halloween this year, with some kids actually going out all three nights and getting triple the candy!

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No Need to be Disagreeable

So I wrote a comment on Facebook last night. It was about politics, so I won’t bore you with the details. But I had a comment that I wanted to share with the people in that discussion and most of them are not people that I even know.

So about an hour after I made my comment, I got a private message from someone. Some asshat guy who decided that my comment to the Facebook friend that made the post needed to be argued with in a private message. That just struck me the wrong way. I mean, he could have made his asinine comments on the original Facebook status with everyone else. But, no. He had to write this long nasty note to me and send it to my private FB email.

So I wrote him back and said, I don’t know you and I’m not in the mood for your bullshit.

So then he writes back and says, well you were wrong and I have the right to correct you with facts, and there is no need for you to be disagreeable with me. So, I’m like, WTF? I wasn’t trying to make an argument and I was just expressing my opinion on the subject. I am entitled to my fucking opinion and don’t need some guy throwing facts in my face trying to start an argument with me.

I wrote back one last time and said I don’t know you and you can stuff your facts up your ass – leave me alone. Then I clicked on his name and went to his profile and blocked his ass.

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Redbox Rocks My World

There is a Redbox just about everywhere I look these days. There is one at the gas station just 1 mile from my house. There is another one just a half mile away from there, and then when you get 2 miles away in that direction there are a whole bunch of them in the big neighborhood shopping center.

If I decided to go west instead, there is a Redbox at the Walgreens drug store and also at the McDonalds. If neither one of them are working or have run out of the movie I want, there is one at the airport and you don’t even have to pay for short term parking to get to it.

I signed up with my email and cell phone for specials and announcements, so I always know what are the latest releases and what are the most popular movies. Plus, I get discount codes. Sometimes it is 50 cents off one night or a dollar off on a week night. I like the way you can return the movie to any Redbox – you don’t have to take it back to the place where you rented it. I don’t know how they keep track of all those movies being dropped off all over town, but that’s not my problem.

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Free Concerts on Thursdays

Seems like the local independent radio station has stepped up to the plate and is sponsoring free concerts every Thursday night in September. These are not cheesy local bands and high school garage bands. They are national acts that are coming for a free 2 hour concert, at the invitation of the radio station that actually plays their music.

I like the idea of a concert on Thursdays. It is so much better to have something nice to do on a Thursday night that is entertaining but does not keep you up really late and there is no hangover the next morning, either. Sure, you can buy a beer from a street vendor, but it’s not like going out to the clubs and getting drunk. It’s more about hearing good music and being outside and enjoying downtown.

Its too bad that the local independent radio station is the only one who ever does anything like these free concerts for the community. The big network radio stations are such greedy motherfuckers that I never see them sponsoring anything good. It’s all about profit to these fuckers and what can they take – not what they can give. I hate commercial network radio. Their music sucks, there’s no good DJs anymore, and they don’t take requests from listeners. They suck.

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Summers Gone – Kinda

So here we have September and we have Labor Day. This is supposed to mean the end of summer. You know, the nights get chilly, the mornings have dew and fog, the pools all close for the year. I hate the way school starts and within a couple of days the mornings get this odd chill in the air. Which especially sucks if you have to wait at the end of the road for a fucking school bus to come around. It’s so chilly that you need a jacket and your fingers and toes get cold anyway. And then when you get on the buy, your fucking nose starts running and you never have a tissue handy. Can we say flashback to the misery of childhood? LOL

So I will continue to milk as much summer as I can out of this year and I defy summer to be over. I intend to go the lake every weekend and keep working on my tan and I will go fishing as much as possible. I will wear shorts and flip flops until my toes turn numb from the cold and I am forced to wear socks. I do not want summer to end!

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