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I love the weather lately. It has finally warmed up enough for BBQ’s and outdoor entertainment. Unfortunately, the best weather is during the week and it tends to rain on the weekend. So I decided to have my BBQ during the week. I called my friends and some family and told them since the weather was going to be shitty this weekend, we should get together on Wednesday afternoon. Everyone is going to leave work early or change their schedules so that they have the day off. We are going to get together at my place around the pool and have our first BBQ of the season.

Everyone is tired of the winter weather and more than ready to have some fucking fun. It is to be a potluck type of BBQ, with me providing the meat and grill. Everyone is going to participate. I am so happy to be able to do this. I have missed the outdoors throughout the winter and am looking forward to some sun and fresh air. So, if you do not have to work, give me a call. Everyone is welcome to come to the BBQ. Bring a dish or something and come on over. We are going to have a blast.

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Valentines Day

I went out on a date on Valentines day with this guy I have been seeing. I haven’t been really sure exactly where this relationship was going until now. We went to my favorite restaurant, the Koi Japanese/ Chinese Buffet. While it may not be the most romantic place in the world, it is my favorite and I was happy he brought us there for dinner. As we ate dinner he began to talk about where our relationship was going and did we want to take it to the next step.¬†Exclusivity. Like I said before I wasn’t sure where we were going with it until he said he wanted to see just me.

I kind of like a guy who is not afraid to commit and I have been trying to not get too attached to him until now. So, sitting in my favorite place to eat, I was able to let go and not hold back any longer. I really hope this works out, because he is a really great guy. He is successful, intelligent and caring. What more can a girl ask for? Apparently not much, because I am happy as a lark. I can’t wait to tell my girls and my mom about my date.

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