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One Sale a Day

I love this website. They always have the neatest fucking shit. There are different categories, like home, family, jewelry, watches etc. Plus, they have flash sales that last one day and usually have a lot of electronics on it. Every so often they have free give away’s as well. I have bought numerous items for myself and for friends birthdays and Christmas presents from this site, some of them only a few dollars for the product. I got this awesome set of Ed Hardy jewelry, a necklace and ear rings for only 3 dollars. That was amazing. Of course, I had to pay shipping but it wasn’t that much and still was worth the purchase.

I just love shopping. Whether it is online or at the mall, I am the typical girl who loves to shop till I drop. I don’t even have to buy anything to enjoy myself. I can look to my hearts content and try stuff on and be totally happy. I know that sounds corny, but it is true and I am not embarrassed by it. I love being a girl and doing these things. I love girl clothes and how they make me feel. We should all be so fucking lucky.

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I love shoes. No really, I fucking love shoes. Any kind of shoes make me happy. Boots, high heels, sneakers, sandals, clogs, it does not matter I love them all. A girl can never have enough shoes. This being said, I am going shopping for some new shoes. There are some really good sales right now for boots and winter shoes leftovers as well as sandals for summer. My favorite sandals are leather ones, although I always get some that can get wet for the beach and such. I will peruse the sales for winter boots as I happen to love wearing boots to keep me warm in the winter.

There are always good shoe sales in March and April. This is the best time of year to buy most shoes with the exception of the Back to school sales. That is when I usually buy my sneakers. Lady Footlocker has amazing sneaker sales during the back to school sales. I buy my high heels whenever I see a nice pair that are on discount. You cannot really count on sales for heels. Some are just plain worth the extra twenty bucks because they change stock so fast on them.

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Over board

A father beats up a basketball coach for making his daughter and another team mate run laps for arguing during practice. This  is a testament to the society we live in today. When I was a kid and got into trouble at school, my parents punished me after I was punished at the school. Now the parents attack the schools and the teachers instead of fucking parenting their children . WTF is that shit? Then they wonder why kids are such assholes now a days. Really? How can they wonder when they refuse to make their children take responsibility for their shitty behavior?

I cannot understand people today and I am glad that I do not have kids right now. I would not want to be a parent trying to raise a child in this liberal atmosphere, where responsible parenting is made so very difficult or non existent. I can only shake my head and hope that our society comes to it’s senses before this country is totally ruined. Western society has changed for the worse and in some ways makes me understand, just a little bit, why so many countries around the world hate us. I pray that these kids will see where their parents went wrong when they grow older and have kids of their own.

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Lizzie Borden

I love the news. They write some of the most stupid fucking articles. Okay, so Lizzie Borden’s attorney wrote some journals and his grandson brought them forth to be read as well as letters from Lizzie while she was in Jail awaiting trial. A trial she was acquitted at. She did not kill her father and step mother as people believe. However, the news is writing stories for people to read without any information at all. Why make me listen or read a story with not actual information? Are the reporters that bored and stupid they cannot come up with something to actually write about in its entirety?

I really hate that shit when they waste my time with a story that has no visible ending. It is amazingly annoying to me. If I was a reporter, I wouldn’t be writing crap that has no fact or information to actually give to people. There is so much going on in the world to write about and I am sure I could come up with something better than that crap. Yes Lizzie is interesting, but kindly wait before you write the story, until you have actual information to give me. Stupid fucktards.

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Girls night out

Well tonight is girls night out. I am stoked. We are going to the Lava Room to dance the night away. This is our favorite spot to party and hang out. It’s not a mainstream night club with too many people in it and we know everyone who hangs out there. They have everything too. If we want to play pool we can, because they have a room with about twenty pool tables in it. I like to play pool a lot. I grew up playing on my dad pool table at home and learned really well from him and my brother as well as his friends.

Anyway, tonight is going to be a lot of fun since my girl Kandy is finally going to be able to go too. She had gotten married and then had a baby, so has been a house mouse for a couple of years. I don’t blame her, but I am very happy she will be there to hang with us. I really have missed her. My boyfriend wants to meet us there later on after his guys night out, but we shall see. I am not sure I want to. It’s all about the girls tonight.

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