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Extended Halloween This Year

Don’t you hate it when Halloween falls on a night in the middle of the week? I sure do – it screws up everyone’s parties and late nights, because we still have school and work the next morning after the holiday. Thanks to really bad weather, though, the kids around here got an extended Halloween this year.

While the grownups had last weekend to dress in costume and party their asses off for Halloween, the kids were supposed to do their trick or treating on Thursday night. But we had severe weather on Thursday, with the worst and most dangerous storms predicted for 6:00 pm until midnight. And, let me tell you, the storms were crazy bad. We had high winds – up to 50 mph. The wind was so strong it blew me backwards about 5 feet when I stepped around the corner of the house to take out the trash. It was bad in front of the house, but as soon as I stepped around the corner, I got the full blast and since I was turned half sideways and off balance, it blew my ass across the driveway and halfway to my neighbor’s fence!

So, most places canceled trick or treating for Thursday night and were telling everyone to stay the fuck home and be safe in case of tornadoes. A few old timers said the kids should go anyway and just suck it up and be tough. But that’s kinda stupid when it’s about having fun and there’s not damned law saying the holiday HAS to be on Thursday night. But some place did tell kids to go ahead and get it over with on Thursday. And a little boy was killed when a tree blew down onto a power line and the kid was electrocuted by the downed power line. So sad and so unnecessary.

So a lot of places had trick or treating on Friday night. AND some places said, fuck it, let’s just do it Saturday night. So, even with the bad weather, depending on where you lived and whether you were able to catch a ride, you had an extended Halloween this year, with some kids actually going out all three nights and getting triple the candy!

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Fast Sushi

The Kroger near my house has done a huge expansion and they totally remodeled the store. It took the fuckers almost a year to do the whole thing. I guess it took longer because they had to keep the store open and work in shifts and accommodate the shoppers. There are safety issues with construction going on while shoppers are in the store. And there are security problems, too. We never used to have a security guard at this shopping center, but now they have one at each door. I asked one of them if that store was having problems with getting robbed or something? The guard said that the construction workers had been stealing stuff from the store and they had to put the guards there to stop the stealing. I was shocked.

Anyway, they finally finished all the construction work and they had a grand opening. When I went in, it was nice nice to see everything so clean and new. And they have a huge new deli area. Its like a mini cafeteria and salad bar in there. And they have a sushi bar! So they keep a variety of popular sushi trays in the cold case and you can take it home with you for fresh sushi at home for under ten bucks! That’s a great deal and I bought one last night so I can take sushi to work with me for lunch today.

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Over board

A father beats up a basketball coach for making his daughter and another team mate run laps for arguing during practice. This  is a testament to the society we live in today. When I was a kid and got into trouble at school, my parents punished me after I was punished at the school. Now the parents attack the schools and the teachers instead of fucking parenting their children . WTF is that shit? Then they wonder why kids are such assholes now a days. Really? How can they wonder when they refuse to make their children take responsibility for their shitty behavior?

I cannot understand people today and I am glad that I do not have kids right now. I would not want to be a parent trying to raise a child in this liberal atmosphere, where responsible parenting is made so very difficult or non existent. I can only shake my head and hope that our society comes to it’s senses before this country is totally ruined. Western society has changed for the worse and in some ways makes me understand, just a little bit, why so many countries around the world hate us. I pray that these kids will see where their parents went wrong when they grow older and have kids of their own.

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Lizzie Borden

I love the news. They write some of the most stupid fucking articles. Okay, so Lizzie Borden’s attorney wrote some journals and his grandson brought them forth to be read as well as letters from Lizzie while she was in Jail awaiting trial. A trial she was acquitted at. She did not kill her father and step mother as people believe. However, the news is writing stories for people to read without any information at all. Why make me listen or read a story with not actual information? Are the reporters that bored and stupid they cannot come up with something to actually write about in its entirety?

I really hate that shit when they waste my time with a story that has no visible ending. It is amazingly annoying to me. If I was a reporter, I wouldn’t be writing crap that has no fact or information to actually give to people. There is so much going on in the world to write about and I am sure I could come up with something better than that crap. Yes Lizzie is interesting, but kindly wait before you write the story, until you have actual information to give me. Stupid fucktards.

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Happy New Years to all

I wanted to wish everyone a happy new years this year and make sure to stick to your new years eve resolution. Mine was to have more fun and I am going to make sure i stick to it but back in the days it was to kick bad habits from biting my nails to smoking and I stuck to all of them and as a result I am a better person today. Anyways I will be back in town next week and I look forward to catching up to everyone when I arrive.

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