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Merry Christmas

Although I will not be there this year at to eat and share gifts with everyone I did send some cards and emails to everyone on my list. Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas and I am looking forward to getting back and seeing everyone i have missed so much.

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Leaving on a looong vacation

Just got done packing up all my things and called a taxi to come and take me to the airport, I am taking a very long vacation, for a couple a months and will not have much time to blog over the next couple months depending on if I can find a internet connection long enough to log in and blog with, I will be checking emails periodically so do not worry if your on my list I will be in touch. Been looking forward to this vacation over the last couple of years and now I can finally take off and enjoy my life”s work.

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In the market for a home

Whether your looking at homes for rent or a better home mortgage at your current residents, then look no further to National Relocation to help with your relocating needs, if it is down the street or accross the country National Relocation can help you, they even can help with finding a moving company to help move you to your next home. I used the webiste to find my next home and was very impressed with the ease of use and professionalism of the real estate agent and movers who helped me with my move to ym new house. If your in the need for any relocating services be sure to go by and check out National Relocation.

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Blockbuster and Blu-ray

I heard from a commenter recently that BlockBuster Entertainment is only going to carry Blu-ray discs for now on and no HD DVD discs at all. And I think this is great but not an end to HD DVDs by far in fact for awhile now everyone thought BlockBuster was going to tumble because of online video downloads and DVD burners. I think in no way does this move kill off HD DVD infact it only hurts BlockBuster more by not carrying this type of disc format. And I would not be surprised if Sony did not invest heavily in BlockBuster in the recent months to help them come to this decision. I personally have asked BlockBuster where the HD DVD titles are and I know several people while I was there was asking the same thing, so BlockBuster is not doing what it said it was doing for the move to only Blu-ray and that is listening to its customers.

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Girl party

Had a fabulous time going to a girls only party last weekend in which we had planned out the entire evening to educate each other about better ways to enhance or sex lives and sexual well being. At first I thought it would be just a few girls then it turned out to be a whole house full of women eager to learn and share there stories about how to make better love. We started the night learning about some sex toys then got into conversation about how use toys designed just for a woman and then went into a educational hour about how to bring more pleasure to ones lover while having intercourse. Was a fun a educational night that I hope to do again sometime in the near future and maybe next time we can watch some dvds.

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