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3D Hologram displays

3D Hologram displays

Saw website that sells Hologram displays the cheapest model at the moment is $18,500 and is called the Heliodisplay. Would be cool to play a couple of my favoreite video games on it one day. In a few years I imagine it will cost less to manufacter and project a better looking picture probably in high definition and who knows one day our mobile devices will have this technology standard in them.

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What a great last season this series from Showtime had. With the series Weeds ending with so much Drama unfolding it makes one wonder what is going to happen next which is no doubt what the producers wanted. All I can say is Doug has my vote for Mayor. I think the the lead womans kid is going to get caught with the marijuana and that there is going to be a shot out in the kitchen but hey I could be wrong.

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XBOX 360

Have been playing with the XBOX for so long have not had time to blog much one of my favotire games on the XBOX 360 is twenty five to life which is a game rated mature that allows the player to go around on a kill spree and is the first true cops-and-robbers game. Choose your side in this urban action third-person shooter. The game delivers intense online gameplay for up to 16 players, as well as a rich single-player experience. Witness the gritty lifestyles of police task forces or strive to survive as a gangster fighting your way out of the streets. One of the best games I ve ever played. Can not wait till Halo 3 comes out which should be real soon.

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Month of love or month of sexual diseases ?

As most women just like on Prom night Valentines Day is when most girls when give thier partner some type of sexual satisfaction and this is a great thing when it is between two consenting adults but alot of people do not wear condoms of this special night for one reason or another and that means alot of disease gets spread. One thing to remeber when you have sex with someone you also have had sex with everyone they have had sex with. Just thought this would be a great time to remind everyone of standards when it comes to protecting you life. I only bring this up since one of my close friends got a sexualy transmitted disease from someone who she thought she could trust, who turned out to be just a liar who gave her something she will have for life. Protect your self and insist that your man wears a condom the pill does not protect against HIV and a long list of diseases, if it is going to be in you , you might as well inspect it. But I also do not want to say all girls give it up on these nights but for those that do wrap it up. If this post saves just one woman out there from contracting a disease then it did it’s do. But girls do not be shy about investing in dildos or other devices you can use yourself thier is nothing wrong with masturbation.

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Blu-ray or HD

This has been much discussion about the future of digital video discs or DVDs in what format will win  over consumers and the market. Well with things like video on demand services already on the internet that broadcast in high definition or HD on your HD monitor or HD television I  believe it will be a HD world in the future not a blu-ray universe as Sony Corperation had hoped for. Americans have already been shopping around for HD products and will continue to do so and I think at this point all blu-ray can hope for is dual format players that are sold at lower or same prices as other HD players on the market. The adult industry as also weighing in on this war with making most if not all of its next generation of adult dvds on HD DVDs tells me that high definition is the way to go when investing in the next generation of entertainment technology for your home or office.

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