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Trying to Learn About Plugins

I’ve used WordPress for my blog ever since I decided to write online. I love the software and it is free. This is one of the best bargains in the world except for maybe the air we breathe. I mean, there’s hundreds of thousands of man-hours put into this software and they never charge any money for it. I don’t see how these guys can make a living and pay their damn bills!

Some of the things that I want to do with this blog are not working out right, so I started asking some tech friends if there is anything I can do. Of course there is! I can use plugins to do almost all of the extra things that I want WordPress to do for my blog. I just have to read up on plugins a little and try out a couple of them.

If you have any favorite plugins, leave me a comment and share the name of it with me. The only one that I know is Akismet, which came with WordPress for free and it blocks spam. I love Akismet – it works great and saves me from the aggravation of deleting doznes of spam comments every day.


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Women Geeks

Women Geeks

Got an interesting email from a girl friend about a new site that just launched called women geeks. The site is looking for female guest authors to write articles pertaining to Geek stuff and has a staff of women writers . When I heard about it I was like hell yea sign me up so I sent an email to them they loved blog so much they asked me to write some articles for them in the coming months. The site uses a WordPress blog and covers everything geek from science to computers with an emphasis on things for women. Should be interesting to see who else they have for guest writers and what they plan to talk about., since at the moment I am kinda stumped on what to write about.

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HBO Widget

Well it seems every company is trying to provide new ways for consumers to view it’s content and now HBO besdies already having a mobile site now has a widget aynone can get to view upcominf shows and other information. Well after downloading it and giving it a whirl it seems to work really well and was glad they came out with it although my favorite is channel is Sho Time because of the two shows Weeds and Dexter and for those of you who have not seen either you need to sit down in front of the tube and veg for a couple days but dotn worry if you can not do it now Dexters next season does not come out till the end of this year and Weeds the third season will be around the same time. Probably for sweeps weeks but anyways lets hope Shot Time gets a widget up and running so I can download and try it out and may just put it on my blog.

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My friends adult blog

Have been helping a friend with the creation of some of her weblogs most are of adult nature and feature some type of novelty with a picture and short description of it with a WordPress blogging platform. After reading some effective ways to bling a blog from WordPress and other ways to generate traffic she has put together an impressive blog about sex toys that has already recieved over one thousands visitors it’s first week. Take a look and let me know what you think of her sex toys weblog and if there is something she should add or take away let her or I know would love to get some feedback.

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Future plans

Met up with Ashley to talk about our future projects ad a great time riding around Nashville with my new work force. Exploring the new city was almost as fun as exploring or new ideas and sudden rise to the top of fame in our little world.Should be an interesting year full of new things to come our first pet project already unleashed on the internet worpal is sure to be a big hit for those wanting a wordpress or drupal blog for free online.We are also making a delicious clone and some other clones we found from Source Forge in order to expand our web presence. Also are launching several directories my favorite the Open Tag Directory allows internet users to tag websites.

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